Legal representation

When looking to purchase a property in Spain it is essential but not obliged that you use the services of a legal representative in Spain.

They will provide important assistance to you during the buying process to ensure the correct checks are made ensure you don’t fall into the trap which has happened previously in Spain.
By using a reputable firm you will be kept informed of each stage of the process and will be able to make contact with them on a regular basis should a question pop into your head. 

Real Costa Blanca has contacts with multiple independent companies and are happy to recommend these to you. However, if you feel you wish to use another company who we do not work with – to allow you total independence then this is your prerogative and is not an issue.

The main issue is to organise with a professional firm to work on your behalf to do the necessary and important checks. If you would like access to the solicitors we use and would like to ask them any questions then please contact us.

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